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Slice Pizzeria
Pizza By The Slice in New Orleans' Lower Garden District
February 10 , 2013
Regional Styles

I’ve had some decent pizza at Slice a few years back, and was tempted to do a little comparison contrast at the uptown location, but the swelling late afternoon Carnaval crowd convinced me to come back after Mardi Gras. The place wasn’t so crowded that this pizza would have been a mistake made under pressure, but it is possible that my experience was some sort of fluke.

The funny thing was that I finished the remainder of this slice a couple of hours later, and as cold pizza, it had great flavor. As much as I don’t want to admit it, my first reaction to the look of the pizza probably clouded my judgement. Other than being a bit dry, this pizza was really working for my taste buds. It wasn’t all too different from a very dry marinara pie. The elements that were present all really worked.


Quite frankly even after weighing this bare experience, I think Slice is one of the top tier "by the slice" spots in New Orleans, and would choose this "almost marinara" over any slice with the exception of Pizza Delicious. They consistently use a lot of semolina on the bottom, which used to be a big turnoff, but I’m softening with age. The owners actually describe what they have created as the first “New Orleans style” pizza which is clever. They created something with top quality ingredients, and didn't box themselves into a defined style. Other than the semolina, this pie actually reminds me of a NY style slice.

The atmosphere here is hip, the hours are late, and young with attentive servers, and they are offering a few inspired looking nightly seafood and meat dishes as well.

A precise and caring pizzaiolo is capable of creating sparsely topped pies that reach for sublimity even though the restraint required seems counterintuitive when constructing a pizza. The slice that I was recently handed at Slice Pizzeria was restrained to such bare minimalism that I questioned why I politely paid money for it. The spots that had cheese were a minority of the surface area, and there were many areas where only crust was visible. Even though the first bite had some decent flavors, this was not a pizza that I really planned on devouring, I did take it to go in order to get a better look at it in the sunlight, and under closer scrutiny, this pizza was the most bare slice that I could ever recall seeing or trying.

1513 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130