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Crust Artisan Bakery
January 22, 2013

Crust is cranking out my favorite non-NY style pies at the moment; they are hearty, thin and flavorful bits of crunchy comfort food. Artisans are truly at work here crafting every element of food that they can from raw ingredients. The Woodstone wood fired oven isn’t being used as a toy(no gas assist here), and is baking four minute or so crispy pies. The breads are unparalleled in local quality, and I find myself wanting the homemade meatballs as much as the pizzas. The pies are available in either 8" or 16" sizes. The bigger ones are more fun, but the smaller ones provide an opportunity to experience to try more variety at one sitting.

Side Note - To avoid confusion, Crust Artisan Bakery is not affiliated with Crust Pizzeria in Destin.

Regional Styles

Last spring, Crust Artisan Bakery became the newest addition to the ranks, and was delivering some high quality pies right out of the gate. The menu is concise, the ingredients are all common to Italian dishes, and the simple offering of eight different pizzas is precisely thought out to deliver almost any pizza lover’s desire.

The real pleasure of this pizza is the simple flavors in the toppings that really star at first bite. The usually thin edges of the crust take on an enjoyable crispness ensuring that the bones will disappear from the plate. The overall texture is very evocative of the square Roman bakery pizzas that were the highlight of last year's visit to Italy. This style is quite unique in our little corner of the world.


My carnivorous nature has dominated my choices over many visits, and the bianca is the only pie that I haven’t tried. Boldly seasoned house made pork sausage with a compliment of roasted red peppers and red onions, or the salame picante with black olives is just too tempting to pass up.

The marinara pizza is topped with freshly sliced garlic pecorino, and calabrian dried oregano. The simplicity of these flavors has been a longtime favorite, and here, it is an added bonus to watch the pizzaiolo thinly slice the garlic “Good Fellas” style to order. The margherita, and the four cheese are always solid choices, and I even like the fresh mozz here, which is typically one of my local pet peeves. This isn’t fussy pretentious pizza trying to rival the trendy one minute Neapolitans, it is simply very flavorful and satisfying.

The somewhat gentrified Beaches of South Walton are a very accessible stomping ground for anyone with a love of nature, arts, and in my case, food. The beaches are pristine, and a couple of the communities are very European in architecture and lifestyle. The pizza culture in this top vacation destination is also showing a lot of promise with three wood fired pizzerias currently in operation.

4821 Hwy 98 W. Santa Rosa Beach , FL 32459

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