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Pizza Delicious
December 28, 2012
Regional Styles
The less trafficked Bywater has long been a favorite haunt because of places like Vaughn’s Mimi’s and Frady’s, and it couldn’t have been a wiser choice to locate New Orleans’ most noteworthy slice.
The pizza is a very faithful and even exemplary representation of the best New York style slices, well balanced between thickness, amount of sauce, suppleness of cheese, flavor, and texture. The first bite has that snap where the crunch will yield to the bit of chewiness that I only associate with the most memorable slices. The sauce is a smooth blend of quality tomatoes without any added sweetness, or harsh acidity.

Because flavors, methods, and quality of New York style pizza vary widely, it isn’t always simple to define what qualifies or doesn’t. The kind of pizza that these young pizza makers are creating demonstrates a deep respect and understanding for a fading craft. Seeing the popularity of this new spot gives me hope that the street slice will live on.

These rest of the menu is cleverly simple, offering only three permanent pies, and two daily specialties. Only two or so pasta dishes, salads and desserts are offered as well. The rotating toppings such as speck and brussels sprouts, are well thought out, and will no doubt make for good future experiences. If I lived nearby, it could become a daily habit.
That terrific New York slice has always been elusive in New Orleans, despite such a strong Italian culture. The couple of childhood favorites that are still around don’t live up to the memories, and any newer New York style places that I have tried were always lacking in some aspect of quality. The fanfare and hype surrounding Pizza Delicious when it was a two day per week pop up gave rise to great expectations, and now that they have a six day operation in a permanent spot, the pilgrimage happened quickly.

617 Piety Street, New Orleans, LA 70117